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Does Septifix Really Work?

What Exactly Is Septifix?

Septifix is a tank treatment tablet for septic tanks that is designed to assist you in solving every issue with septic tanks with ease. 

They are durable, oxygen-releasing, and safe. This is great since it also allows you to protect the surrounding environment.

The tablet has gone through numerous tests that took approximately three years. The makers of the formula have made sure that the tablets work and are secure. 

You just need to dump three Septifix tablets into the toilet, and once they are in the septic tank, Here's what they'll do.

They'll reduce the unpleasant smells that are released by the tank within 3 to 5 days.
They take down and eliminate the accumulated sludge from the septic tank. This can be comprised of natural oils, grease and hydrocarbons.
The tablets destroy anaerobic bacteria such as E.coli and Salmonella which can cause health issues.
Septifix can also help prevent backups and clogs. 

Septifix will save you a significant amount of money as it helps reduce the need to hire an expert plumber to repair the septic tank. It also makes sure that the environment and the water that you use are safe since it eliminates all harmful bacteria that reside within your tank.

Each of the 55-gram tablets contains 14 strains of aerobic bacteria (over 10 billion bacteria strains per gram), oxygen, and pH-regulating compounds that safely and effectively boost the growth of bacteria colonies inside your septic tank, allowing them to thrive for up to 90 days.

That's why if you use SEPTIFIX, your septic tank will stay clean for longer periods of time compared to all other septic tank treatments.

When the tablets get into your septic tank, they dissolve slowly, slowly releasing sodium carbonate and oxygen—over 10 liters of oxygen per tablet.

The oxygen in the form of small bubbles disperses throughout your septic tank, while sodium carbonate acts as a buffer on the water, bringing it to a neutral pH.

The released oxygen reacts immediately with the waste substances that are inside your septic tank and reduces, then slowly eliminates, the smell in just 3 to 5 days.

At the same time, all bad anaerobic bacteria like E. coli or Salmonella, which form in your septic tank together with other harmful disease-causing pathogens and can cause many health problems for your family, are destroyed!

In the meantime, the live bacteria from the SEPTIFIX tabs feed on all the residues that are inside your septic tank, including toilet paper, oils, grease, and soaps, leaving your tank clean, thus reducing and, in many cases, even eliminating the need to have your septic tank pumped.

Yes, many of our clients never have to call expensive plumbers again, saving hundreds of dollars each year!

Our SEPTIFIX tablets also prevent corrosion of pipes, tubes, pumps, and valves by neutralizing the acids that occur naturally in wastewater.

Plus, they eliminate all clogs that occur inside your septic tank, so you can be worry-free knowing that you'll never have backups as long as your septic system is running smoothly!

SEPTIFIX does not contain harsh chemicals, requires no special handling, is non-toxic and 100% safe to use, and is manufactured in our premium facility here in the US, so rest assured that you'll get a premium-quality product!

What do customers have to say about Septifix?

"I started using Septifix tabs after I saw the wonders it did at my brother's house.

My septic tank was failing, and the stench around it was so unbearable that I was ashamed to welcome guests, even though we have such a beautiful garden surrounded by trees.

Even my grandkids hated to come visit, as my daughter, their mom, was not allowing them to play near the septic tank because she was afraid they could get sick.

And since the cost of a repair was just not an option, I bought two boxes of Septifix tabs. Enough to last for a year!

I followed the directions and took into consideration the size of my septic tank, so I started with three tabs down my toilet!

After only 3 days, the smell was gone! The standing water over the cover of the septic tank was gone in about 5 days.

Now, one tab of Septifix per month makes my septic tank work perfectly, and my grandkids can now play through my whole garden!

I am very happy and grateful, as a septic tank repair would have cost me thousands of dollars!"

John C. Los Angeles, CA

"After building our house far away from sewers, we had to learn how to deal with a septic system.

We were using bleach and other similar products, so when we finally had the tank pumped, we were told there were a lot of solids and even clogs in the system.

And that we needed to do a septic tank treatment before they came back in about six months.

Thank God, they also told us about Septifix!

And after a 3-tab start, we continued with one tab down the toilet monthly, and we stopped using bleach products.

When the septic service company came back, they were really impressed with the condition of the tank and told us that pumping was not needed.

We will definitely continue to use Septifix!

Paying a little for it is well worth the savings we'll realize by having the tank pumped less often.

Not to mention the fact that Septifix is helping us avoid more significant performance problems with our septic system."

Kathy M., Stowe, Vermont

"Septifix is really amazing! I can't believe I don't need to call the expensive plumbers anymore!

Our house was built in 1989, so the tank and leaching fields are 33 years old.

I've never had any problems with the system, as I've always had the tank emptied annually to prolong its life, but I hated the fact that I was paying almost $500 every year to plumbers!

When I started using Septifix in 2019 and was promised that I would never have to call the plumber again, I was so happy because both me and my wife are retired and on fixed incomes!

Septifix is so easy to use! I just put one tab in my toilet on the first of every month, and that's all the treatment my septic tank needs!"

Michael P. , Brevard, FL

"I have been using Septifix every month since January 2019!
For the first time, I used 3 tabs according to the instructions on the package, but now, every month, I just put 1 tab down my toilet, and that's it!
And I can't believe how efficient these small tabs are, as before Septifix, I used to have my septic system pumped out every 12 to 14 months.

The last time my septic system was pumped out was in September 2018, but I still have no need for it to be emptied.

Since it used to cost me about $450 every time I got it pumped out, the savings are huge, especially with Septifix' 18-month package!"


Jason L., Quincy, MA

"I live in an older house and have had many problems with our plumbing.
First, our septic tank and drain field were clogged with grease and stuff, and Septifix saved a call to the plumber.

We used it in two toilets, and within a few days, we were back flushing with no backup into the tub or the shower.

Secondly, we had constant odor issues in the area where our septic tank is located.

While other products I've tried just seem to mask the odor, Septifix has gotten rid of the actual source of the odor, as there was no more smell after just 4 days.

Septifix works better than any other product we have used thus far. I won’t buy anything else but Septifix!

I like that it’s sustainable and works like a charm!"

Charles D, Boston, MA

"I've had my septic tank pumped every year for a number of years. Prior to using Septifix, the plumbers had to break through three, four, or more inches of solid waste on the tank's top in order to begin pumping our tank.

And at the bottom, there was always thick sludge that was pumped only by moving the pump hose from place to place.

After only a few months of using Septifix, the difference compared to past years was like night and day.

There was no solid waste, not even at the bottom of the septic tank.

Instead of pumping every year, I will be pumping every other year or even longer after seeing the great results after just a few months.

Septifix pays itself through less pumping!

I would and will recommend Septifix to all my friends with septic tanks!

Paul A., Greensboro, NC

Ingredients used in septifix

Septifix operates in a distinctive manner and is one of a kind. The components of the Septifix make it possible for the product to function effectively and accomplish its purpose.

The tablets are manufactured in a GMP-certified manufacturing facility in the USA. It doesn't use harmful chemicals that could harm your health or your skin.

It's safe to use; however, the manufacturer suggests hand washing following use.

The Ingredients In Septifix:

Aerobic Bacteria Strains

Septifix is produced using more than 10 billion aerobic bacteria strains. This is nearly twice the normal amount of septic tank cleaning products.

Septifix tank treatment pills can clean and unblock the tank twice as fast as any other option available.

Aerobic bacteria are among the most effective cleansing agents for tanks that store wastewater. Aerobic bacteria make use of chlorine in the wastewater to breakdown the contaminants.

Then the bacteria assist in the transformation of waste into energy, allowing anaerobic bacteria the opportunity to grow and prosper.

Bacillus, Mycobacterium, and Pseudomonas:

These are aerobic bacteria that are unable to survive without oxygen. This is why they are known as essential aerobes. Most of these organisms are used in the treatment of sewage.

pH-Adjusting Compounds:

It is essential to maintain the pH of the particular habitat so that you can extend the lifespan of the bacteria as well as keep the tanks fresh and smelling good.

Additionally, Septifix pills allow the release of pH-balancing chemicals that neutralize the whole tank's surroundings.

Oxygen-Releasing Compounds:

The oxygen-releasing substances help reduce the unpleasant smells in the tank through interactions with hydrogen sulfide and sulfur. The process is faster since each tablet releases approximately 10 grams of oxygen.

 Septifix Positives:

It contains an unblocking agent
It destroys harmful bacteria
Requires minimal handling
Round dissolvable shape
Prevents corrosion & rust
Serves as a neutralizer
100% non-toxic
Available in a variety of affordable packages
Comes with a 60-day money back guarantee

Try SEPTIFIX On Us And If It Doesn't Work You Pay Nothing!

I hate paying for something that doesn’t work, and I am sure you do too!

That’s why, if SEPTIFIX doesn’t work for you or you are simply unhappy with the results you experienced and expect to get on your septic tank system, just let us know.

And we will send you a refund with no questions asked!

This way, you’ll have no risk, as you’ll pay only if you get the results you want!

So, don’t delay!

Get an 18-month supply of SEPTIFIX so your septic tank runs smoothly and you have complete peace of mind for at least 18 months and it will only cost you under $9 per month!

Or try whichever package you think is best for you!

My Final Thoughts: Should You Buy Septifix?

Septifix is an indispensable and great product to have at home. It's easy to use, and the advantages it offers can save you hundreds of dollars every year.

Septifix will assist you in eliminating the unpleasant odor or the discomfort of having to clear the toilet.

The product is safe to use. Septifix pills are also eco-friendly.

In the long run, Septifix pills eliminate the necessity of draining the septic tank since they've already solved the issue.

It's also possible to save significant dollars through Septifix. Enjoy a stress-free, clean home as the toilet, pipes, and septic tanks are all in good condition. 

There's no need to worry about things getting blocked since Septifix will handle it all for you.

Buy Septifix now!

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